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About Us

I started making fused glass as a hobby with a tiny kiln in the kitchen that was bought as a Christmas present. I fell in love with the process of designing and making glass, experimenting with lots of different ideas. After listing a few things on Etsy I finally invested in a bigger kiln and installed it in a shed at the end of the garden at our house in the Cotswolds.

Things have grown from there and after visiting the Isle of Harris many times over the years we finally took the plunge and bought a house here. My first studio was in Cluer, a small village in the bays of Harris next to the house and I count my blessings that the picture is the view from the window!

In 2024 I took up a lease at the old school house next to the beach in Seilebost. I have more room to make glass and have also been able to move all the packing material out of the house. I can now run workshops from the studio as it's a lot more welcoming than the draughty shed!

I like to experiment with new designs and techniques, and still love the excitement of opening the kiln each morning and seeing what transformation has taken place! When not in the workshop I can be found out running with my dog, Scout, or coaching gymnastics.